Green-Life Careers

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Welcome to the world of Green-life!

What is Green-Life?  It's all about plants!  Every type of plant - from trees to turf!

Our industry is the true green industry offering a wide range of career choices.  A career in our industry would see you as an integral part of creating healthier urban landscapes - from large public spaces down to the suburban backyard, balcony or courtyard.

We grow trees and plants, produce the materials that they are grown in, design landscapes and gardens and sell plants. Some of us are even researchers and media celebrities.

Growers, producers, growing media specialists, horticulturists, landscapers, landscape architects, environmental scientists, garden centre operators, television garden presenters, garden writers and radio broadcasters are just some of the careers on offer.

We are a dynamic industry always looking for new, smarter and more effective ways to grow plants and we need to grow new garden industry experts to help make the industry grow.

There are many, many websites that contain career and employment guidance. This website aims to gather information, relevant to Amenity Horticulture (or Lifestyle Horticulture) and create a ‘one-stop-shop' where potential employees, current employees and industry employers can obtain career and employment information.

Where you are in your career will determine what pages of this website you should access first.

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